•       Even though things have been difficult for alot of families in the past couple of years, with job loss and economy, we have been amazed by the way people have stepped up, helped a neighbor, collected food for disaster victims in other parts of the country or world, and worked on  fundraisers for research to cure illness. What ever your cause , how ever and whoever you choose to help, you do make a difference. 


     We here at Cowlick ranch would like to recognize some of the events family and friends support.  feel free to check them out.



Holidays For Heros SIP AND SEND


     Sip and Send along with the residents of South West Florida help to sponsor a US military Troop each Holiday season and provide them with everyday items that they do without.     

     For more information Contact:  (239) 772-1076 or Email jjkess4@msn.com


Sip And Send
Jonette Kessack
2221 Santa Barbara Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33991




Founders - Tony Rosado /Jason Old-

Canff is a non profit organization using the benefits of soccer as a vehicle for education in Honduras.  The founders who teach in Florida, are hands on educators who encourage their students both on and off the field.