Welcome to Cowlick Ranch in  Punta Gorda Florida.  We are a modest  ranch that, along with our neighbor, tend to 50-60 head of cattle.  We did not intend to raise cattle when we moved here in 2004 but soon adopted two orphaned calves that needed bottle feeding, ( Ollie and Annie .)  And so it began.

     Our cattle are processed as starter stock , sold at local market, and are usually shipped to other ranches across the country.  We primarily have cracker cows with some angus and Brahma .  A few Texas long horns have joined the crew and they tend to be our trouble makers . The ranch is home not only to the cattle, but to 3 dogs, 6 hens, 1 ornery rooster named Oswald, and a host of other characters. 

  Our old Florida style  ranch is surrounded by the best of neighbors.  On one side we have the state park and preserve that is a constant source of useful information on flora and fauna of the area .  On the other side of us, is rancher Ivan Odegard of Burnt Store Cattle co.   He is always a wealth of knowledge, a storyteller of many outrageous escapades , and a unuasual source of enticing old Florida folk-lore.  His motto is" You have to be tough if your going to be stupid"  We are in constant motion at the ranch always working on a new project.  Our home is filled with creativity and creatures.  You may find us painting in the pasture, repairing fences, or dancing in the driveway.

Marie and Kit Dyer